Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Art is...

On the first day of class, I gave upper grades a post-it and asked them to think about what Art meant to each of them. One at a time they shared their answer and added their post-it to our wall. 

What wonderfully creative things they came up with!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to another exciting year in the Art Room(s)!
I am thrilled about the projects I have planned for this year, new materials to explore, and in general watching these fantastic artists explore!

Here are a few shots from the Peiffer Art room.

Old stools got a new coat of paint. 

Lined up and ready to go! 

Idea Jar for sketchbooks drawing. 

Monday, May 5, 2014

1st & 2nd - Nature Drawings & Composition

Our beautiful gardens are in full bloom!!

Today we focused on composition and shared a few tips on how artists use 
their full paper to create interesting pieces of artwork. 

Having a variety of heights adds interest and guides the viewer
 to look throughout the entire piece of artwork. 

And of course, we ended with a mini critique to share our work with our peers! 

Keep this wonderful weather coming!

Kindergarten - Little Artists make BIG Art!

After looking at the work of Monet and several other nature inspired artists, Kindergarteners requested to paint.... large. So here you have it - our BIG garden of flowers!

We filled several large pieces of paper with oil pastel flowers, and then painted over them with tempera paint. 

And really, why limit ourselves to the tables... spread out! 

During our second class together working on this project, 
we cut out and glued the giant petals. 

I overheard so much positive communication as students encouraged each other and comment on others' work. 

These overlapping flowers were a lot of fun to make and add a ton of color to the hallway! 

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

3rd & 4th Grade - Contour Drawings

Contour - continues line - drawings are a great way to learn about proportion, detail... and getting over the fear of "ugly drawings". 

Day one of contour drawings students do "blind contours" - where they aren't looking at their paper at all - just the object they are drawing -  in our case, hands. 

I had the kids put their sketchbooks inside paper grocery bags to prevent any sneaky peakers... and create a hilarious moment of reveal when we all took our drawings out of the bag at the same time. 

"Ugly drawings" were made by all... and strength in numbers made it okay - and took away the fear of having a drawing not turning out as good as someone else's. We grew to love our ugly drawings, and embrace their differences and pay attention to how much detail we could capture in each one. 

And you know what happened to our beloved ugly drawings the more of them we made... they became beautifully detailed sophisticated drawings... and we were also okay with that! 

Students each chose 4-5 of their favorite drawings to transfer using graphite paper. 
We then drew 2 horizontal and two vertical lines to break up the empty space and used watercolor to paint the background. 

And here we have it!

6th Grade - Tunnel Books

After learning about Keith Haring, 6th grade created drawings in his style... and then made these awesome tunnel books. This project evolved as it went on as we loosely kept the true definition of a tunnel book - a visual book where pages are bond together with accordion folds.

Students chose a theme for their book - swimming, Dr. Who, dance, Harry Potter, Ninjago... and a few other ideas based on animated cartoons that I hadn't heard of, but I'm sure are really awesome as well.

A lot of great problem solving took place during this project as students worked through design challenges to creatively assemble their books. 

...We used a LOT of glue sticks and binder clips. 

We were happy with the results, they are each so unique. 
One thing I've noticed while they have been on display in the hallway is that as people look at them, they need to spend several minutes with each one to fully take in all of the different aspects of each book.
We like it when art makes you stop and think!!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Art-i-facts Games

YES!! Art History is fun!!! 

Game time!
Students in the Art-i-facts elective designed games based on an artist of their choice. 
Today we played them.. and even won a couple!

Wayne Thiebaud Ping-Pong Toss

...with prizes!! 

Hayao Miyazaki Spinny Wheel of Chance


Banksy Throw-n-Hook

Wassily Kandinsky (impossible) Ball Toss